The National Signing Choir Competition is coming to LONDON and will be hosted by Revolution Signing Choir and the 2018 & 2019 reigning Junior Champions – All Faiths Revolutionaries.

The 2018 and current 2019 Junior NSCC champions are a 47 strong children’s choir based in Strood, Kent.  All Faiths Children’s Academy and Revolution teamed up in 2017 to offer the children across key stage 2 the opportunity to explore the Deaf culture and language and support their Deaf peers in an activity accessible to all.  AFR not only offers an enjoyable experience to those who love music and dance but supports children who are Deaf or hearing impaired and provides an outlet for children who have various other Special Educational Needs.  AFR perform at local venues across Kent to spread awareness and champion the message “BE THE INSPIRATION.”

Revolution, based in Gillingham, Kent, are a unique signing choir that celebrates the unity of sign, music, dance and theatrics.  Since forming in 2016, Revolution have taken 3rd place in the 2017 & 2019 NSCC, supported various local charities and organisations as well as producing signed song stage productions.  Revolution pride themselves on pushing boundaries, breaking barriers and raising awareness in creating a universal experience for everyone to be inspired by.  Following the lead from AFR, Revolution champion the message to “BE THE FUTURE.”